Design Methods FTW!

Multiscreen-ready! The Design Methods Finder can be used on any device. The screenshot shows a Remote Moderated Usability Test which is a helpful method when you do not have much time and/or when the researcher can’t be on-site with the test person.

Find new and exciting methods!

The UX and PM method data base offers a user-friendly, easy accessible, and efficient collection of design methods. With it you can discover new methods and find interesting new approaches that can be combined with those you already know.

For everyone who is into design methods

It should be interesting for everyone who works in the areas of Customer or User Experience Design, User Research, Product Management, Research and Development, Service Design, Human-centered Design, Design Thinking, Marketing, or Business Design. No matter if you are a newbie or have an experience of 20+ years.

Search and find! Find a method that fits your problem by using the appropriate search terms (screenshot example from desktop).

Design methods help solving problems

You can consult the application at any stage of your project when you have to solve a communication or design problem, want to understand the users, have to develop and discuss concepts with colleagues, look for inspiration or new solutions, or when you are in the ideation phase.

Easy! Ask the DMF and it answers.

You just describe your problem (or question or challenge) with key words (fill the search field with these) and press the search button.

Mobile-ready search! Finding a method is similar on smartphones. The logic behind is the same.

Finding design methods

When we started this project in 2010 we initially evaluated over 300 methods and selected a wide range of representative methods for each subject area.

What are design methods?

Design is the term for the process of conscious design. Design does not just mean visual design and the presentation and styling of information but also creativity, innovation, improvement, development, and management.

„A design method is any action one may take while designing.“ — John. C. Jones (1980)

Methods, methods, methods… The are loads of design methods. Check out the Design Methods Finder (DMF) to find helpful ones for your project. These are just some examples. (All images are taken from the DMF-website, sources are linked there).

New version available since June 2018

Since June we are back with a completely English translated version (the previous one was only in German), with a lot of new exciting methods and with an improved user interface and search functionality.

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