I am a Designer! I solve problems!

Hi! I’m Wolfram! 👋

I am a Senior User Experience Designer, UI Architect and Concept Developer at TeamViewer. 💻↔💻 I am responsible for research, conception and design in close collaboration with product owners, product managers, front-end and back-end developers.

My focus is on UX Research, UI Architecture and Content Design

Books and talks

📘 I wrote an English book on Multiscreen UX Design. You can read a summary article about the topic or have a look at the summarizing slides.

Projects and work

💭 If you are interested in my thoughts on Content Design and UI Architecture you can read the article on Medium or have a look at the summary on Slideshare. This is a short version “Content Design and UI Mapping in a nutshell”.

Find me on the web

I’m still working on my new non-flash and fully responsive multiscreen-ready website. In the meantime you can just check out my portfolio on issue or catch me at one of the following social networks:



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Wolfram Nagel

Wolfram Nagel


UX Designer (@TeamViewer), UI Architect, JTBD Practitioner, Author of “Multiscreen UX Design”, Initiator of the “Design Methods Finder”. I love my 👪 and ⚽️🚵📸