I am a Designer! I solve problems!

Wolfram Nagel
3 min readMay 19, 2018


… or at least I try to solve them in a strategic and methodical way. 😊

Hi! I’m Wolfram! 👋

I am a Senior User Experience Designer, UI Architect and Concept Developer at TeamViewer. 💻↔💻 I am responsible for research, conception and design in close collaboration with product owners, product managers, front-end and back-end developers.

My goal is to solve users’ problems, consider and address strategic and economic goals, and to help developers to implement solutions in a pragmatic and feasible way.

My focus is on UX Research, UI Architecture and Content Design

Books and talks

🎙️ I was invited to the Product Quest Podcast: “Applying JTBD in UX Design and had a very interesting discussion with the hosts on “how UX and Jobs-to-be-done are a match made in heaven”.

🗨️ I also gave a talk on “UX FTW — Customer-Centric Value Creation with a Jobs-To-Be-Done Mindset” in the virtual UXDX event in February 2023.

📘 I wrote an English book on Multiscreen UX Design. You can read a summary article about the topic or have a look at the summarizing slides.

📚 In 2013 I already published the German book “Multiscreen Experience Design”. 📝 I wrote a small article series on “Designing for Multiscreen”. 🎙️ Here’s an interview (in German) with Jan Jursa on the topic.

🔗 If you found this page via a link in one of my books and if you are looking for templates and working materials feel free to send me an e-mail. I will send them directly.

📣 I also talk(ed) about the topics Jobs To Be Done, Multiscreen, UX and the future of content (management) at various conferences, such as Usability Professionals, Mensch und Computer (by German UPA), UXDX, or the German IA summit.

🔎 I am co-initiator of the award-winning Design Methods Finder, a web based collection of design methods. When we have to solve a problem we apply design methods. I wrote a short article on how to find new and exciting methods.

🎙️ If you are into Jobs To Be Done and Customer-Centricity you might be interested in the podcast episode “Shall We Build a Bridge or a Boat?”. I was invited by Edizon Innovation to discuss this pretty interesting question.

💡 ️If you want to know how I define UX, here’s my explanation on “What is UX?”.

You don’t have much time? ⏰ Here’s a quick summary of my focus areas.

Projects, topics and work

💭 If you are interested in my thoughts on Content Design and UI Architecture you can read the article on Medium or have a look at the summary on Slideshare. This is a short version “Content Design and UI Mapping in a nutshell”.

I also published an article how we developed a Customer-Centric Value Creation Framework by using Jobs To Be Done and applying the right mindset and tools.

Interested in my work? Two selected former and my current projects:

Find me on the web

I’m still working on my new non-flash and fully responsive multiscreen-ready website. In the meantime you can just check out my portfolio on issue or catch me at one of the following social networks:

If you like just 📧 contact me by mail with any questions about whatever you like to ask. You can also download my curriculum vitae (PDF).

If you want to read more from me, check out my stories on Medium.

Thanks for your interest! I’m looking forward to hear from you!



Wolfram Nagel

UX Designer (@TeamViewer), UI Architect, JTBD Practitioner, Author of “Multiscreen UX Design”, Initiator of the “Design Methods Finder”. I love my 👪 and ⚽️🚵📸