Reworking the Meeting User Interface of Blizz

The so (from me) called “User Focused Decision Process”: Focus on and address user needs in strategy, ideation and communication. Everything is based on research, findings and identified pain points which are then validated and prioritized followed by an ideation phase. Marketing can start creating campaigns based on the most important job stories and communicate stories correlating to the identified pain points. Thus they can create a coherent storytelling. In the end, the main goal is to do the right things! :-)
Multiscreen-ready! Blizz works on any desktop and mobile device and has a coherent user interface, which is similar but not identical on the various platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web browser).

We listen and consider the specific jobs of our users

The Blizz Device Detection Dialog supports users in using the right hardware (for example when they plug-in a new headset).
Sketches and variants that we discussed in the team, with users and stakeholders during the development of the device detection dialog. We have done many iterations. Developers started implementing based on high-fidelity mock-ups.

The process

An early sketch of the new Blizz Meeting User Interface (presenter view)
No concept without pen and paper :-) Various sketches as a basis for discussions, mock-ups or prototypes, showing the general layout, the content arrangement, detailed and specific views for desktops and mobile devices.
Status quo after the public release. Me and my colleagues testing and using Blizz. More images here:

We want to make it easy for new users

Starting a meeting should be easy. Users want to be able to make direct phone calls with Blizz so they call and invite participants on their smartphones. And, you can even mix VoIP and normal phone calls — which is a relevant and highly desired need of a lot of online meeting users.




Senior UX Designer (@TeamViewer), UI Architect, Multiscreen Evangelist, JTBD Thinker, Author of @msxbook, Initiator of @dmfndr. I love the web, my 👪 and ⚽️🚵‍.

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Wolfram Nagel

Wolfram Nagel

Senior UX Designer (@TeamViewer), UI Architect, Multiscreen Evangelist, JTBD Thinker, Author of @msxbook, Initiator of @dmfndr. I love the web, my 👪 and ⚽️🚵‍.

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