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Wolfram Nagel
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✍ ️Earlier this year I wrote an article on our Customer-Centric Value Creation Framework and our pragmatic Jobs-To-Be-Done based approach and mindset.

💬 ️In the meantime I presented the topic at the UX Festival by German UPA and also at the “Mensch und Computer” conference — with a workshop and a talk and at a few other smaller events. The topic has been slightly rephrased since then…

📬 The feedback is pretty good. In the meantime I have received many emails and inquiries. That’s why I decided to create a summary page with all the information and content that has been shared so far.

I will update this page regularly…

Enjoy! 🥳

Medium article


The title slide of my presentation. The whole slide deck summarizes the topic in an easy-digestiable manner.
The slides summarize the topic in an easy-digestiable manner. https://www.slideshare.net/wolframnagel/customer-centric-value-creation-with-a-jobs-to-be-done-mindset

Mural Job Map template

The template (provided by Mural) shows various areas. The main area is a Jop Map with 8 steps that helps to organize and structure need statements from qualitative research.
We use this template (provided by Mural) to organize and structure need statements on a Job Map. This template has been shared in a recent workhop on the “CCVC” topic.

My talk at the UX Festival in Erfurt (May 2022)

I present the CCVC topic on stage at the UX Festival by German UPA in Erfurt this year.
It was a pleasure to present the topic at the UX Festival by German UPA in May this year. It is in German. If you want me to talk about it in English, let me know. :-)

Earlier sources…

Edizon Innovators Talk

In February 2021 I was invited as talk guest to Edizon’s Innovators Talk together with Andrea Ramirez.

We discussed an interesting topic:Shall We Build a Bridge or a Boat? Viewpoints on Customer-Centric Service Development”

JTBD Untangled Webinar

In April 2022 Jim Kalbach invited me to the JTBD Untangled Webinar.



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